In this time of meditation, mindfulness and spirituality, how much is too much and how does that message reach across to people practicing these forms? Because a very high focus is placed on inward development of awareness, I feel that there is a great amount of disenchantment and disengaging with the relationship that happens due to not getting the proper guidance. For ex: a mindful practitioner will lay generic rules for meditating, and ask a person to follow them without knowing what his/her condition or problem actually is and specifying solutions. A lot many times I have personally found that it results in increased 'I' on the meditating person's part, close mindedness that it is 'their way or highway' due to being present all the time and not willing to understand the other mortal forms of existence, or using it as a learned avoidance to negative situations of life. This results in less focus on giving more to your relationship, and more towards getting satisfaction via meditation, spirituality or mindfulness. Can you share some insight on this?

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