The most annoying thing about your publication is when your psychologists try to become "writers". If a writer ever tried to become a "psychologist" they'd be sued, yet it seems to be acceptable for psychologists to talk BS.
Please give it to us straight in dot point or APA essay or APA report format, and don't feel you need to 'dumb-it-down' for your readers.
When your psychologists write anything else other than said above (opinion, editorial, narrative, self-expression), it feels awkward, unbelievable, and cheapens the research and profession.
Please try to maintain the integrity of the profession and stop your psychologists writing their cringe-worthy introductions to their articles for example... "As I was walking through my neighborhood last week, I decided to turn around and walk a few of the gentle slopes backward. I sometimes do that because walking backward works different muscles in my legs and breaks the monotony of just walking. As I was making my trek up the street, I felt uncomfortable not being able to see where I was going. Even though I have very good hearing (dog hearing, some would say) and I knew I'd be able to hear an oncoming car, I still felt compelled to turn and look behind me (which was actually forward) just to be sure." yuck! get me a bucket and let me throw up!

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