The only thing that will ever help my wife and I see her daughter (my step-daughter) again will be when the mental health system finally realizes that they've had a scientific explanation for the psychology behind parental alienation all along.

The non-scientific and vague concept of "Parental Alienation Syndrome" (PAS) was never needed and has just made things worse for us by not providing a solution in over 30 years, thus turning us into perpetual victims. Without a scientific explanation of what is happening to our families we are just victims of a painful and confusing problem that many people *still* dismiss as non-existent.

However, by using established and accepted psychological concepts like "cross-generational coalition", "splitting", "role-reversal", "attachment trauma reenactment", "regulatory object", "trans-generational transmission of attachment trauma", and many more, a clear psychological picture of what is going on and how to properly treat it emerges. That means we no longer have to remain victims who are suffering; now we can become patients that will be healed.

Attachment-Based Parental Alienation (AB-PA) is the most solid and scientifically sound diagnosis and explanation to ever emerge about this epidemic. There is literally nothing else out there (so far) that can hold water like AB-PA can, because *everything* else out there treats parental alienation as a problem that exists outside of current psychological science and understanding. AB-PA shows in detail that parental alienation exists entirely within current psychological science and understanding.

The real slap-in-the-face to targeted parents and our children is that parental alienation is already solved. The mental health system has had the answer available to them for years. But they have been so caught up in debating about the validity of PAS, or trying to decide if parental alienation exists at all, that they neglected to take a minute to look into their own extensive library of peer-reviewed literature for answers. It was there all along for them to piece together if they had just put the effort into looking for it instead of being distracted by PAS and the controversy surrounding it.

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