Hi Thom,

I am sorry to hear about your bad experience. Things have gotten pretty nasty here sometimes. My policy prior to this was to let any post without profanity stand. That led to some really ugly backnforth, most recently, with a guy leveling unsubstantiated accusations of racism all over the place (see the discussion on the Not All Microaggressions are Racist post). I'm a racist, Jon Haidt's a racist, Joe Biden is a racist. This was all dressed up in highfalutin nonsense (go to Google Scholar and look up the Clever Sillies, which is only how some of the most ridiculous ideas have been perpetrated by sophisticated-sounding writing and arguments) -- and, towards the end of that experience, I decided to change my policy here.

I changed it in large part for personal reasons. I really did not want to let sophisticated-sounding insults get posted and remain uncontested. But I was born in Brooklyn, and if you sling mud at me, I am going to go to local stable, get a barrel full of manure and fling it right back.

But, upon further reflection, I actually hated being in that position of either letting some faux-sophisticated argument go uncontested versus responding in kind. This was my pass at a solution -- nip it in the bud before it metastasizes...

Of course, the Gods have not Declared that I cannot change it yet again. We will see how it goes. One can view life as one long experiment that ends only when you kick the bucket...

On your leverage. You do have leverage, though no official power. If you (or anyone) ever has a comment taken down, you can either revise it or write a protest that it was taken down. I do plan to allow such protests to stay up, long as the protests themselves fit the guidelines. I am not above reproach ... reproach away (but without insults, profanity, slurs, etc.).

On a guest post. This is Psych Today, not USA Today. Straight up political editorials do not belong here. However, if you have some idea in which psychology plays a central role, then, yes, that does fall within the purview. Psychology broadly construed to include other social sciences, education, psychology departments and by extension academia (because general academic issues can and do flow into psychology as a discipline) is all fine.

This is how guest posts work:
1. Contact me via the "inquiry" option on Rabble Rouser. Go here:

2. Send me a short outline or proposal for what you want to do.

If I like it, we will go from there. You will work up a full draft and I will give you feedback and editorial comments. Although I reserve the right to reject it at any time, in practice, anything that has gotten my approval after step 2 has eventually been posted (although sometimes after many revisions).