*Warning - probably should read “New Year’s Fortnight” before my review. Spoilers*

“New Year’s Fortnight” was a very enjoyable read. Jonathan did an excellent job in portraying four individuals who had personalities on both sides of the Introvert/Extrovert scale.
You have the extreme extrovert in Kim. She avoids solitude like the plague and does everything to cheat it. She sees any time alone as punishment and imprisonment. As someone who has a good sense of humor and can be a bit ornery, I loved how the story ended for her. Of course, it is only seen as a punishment for anyone who isn’t introverted.

Anne is very organized and has the ability to quickly change the environment, similar to Bill. However, her also I can see as more extroverted. She’s not as overbearing as Kim but she has no issues engaging conversation and being a bit outgoing (look at right before they go into Introspection). Yet at the same time she has no issue being alone. She’s very creative and could handle being alone.

Bill is obviously the best example of an introvert. I could see him more as the exact opposite of Kim. He loves his time alone and has no issues filling it. I have no doubt that if Introspection was six months (vs. 2 weeks), he would do well. He has a vivid imagination and knows how to utilize it. He’s got a good handle on Introspection and uses it as a way to detox from the busy, extroverted world.

Joe is also introverted but not as extreme as Bill. I think the best example Joe shows is the over worrying about something. As Introverts, we spend so much time wondering if we said the right thing or wrote the right thing (e.g. this review. We won’t go into how long it took to put together and even then I probably will “worry” about some of it). It’s great to have time alone to process things that trouble us but eventually we have to set them aside and move on. I like how Joe finally does this though it is a bit regretful that Joe didn’t have any time to relax and enjoy introspection after that.

For me this was a great short story. I’m Introverted though probably more near the middle of the scale (my mom calls me a social introvert – though I can still only handle so much). I can easily relate to both Joe and Bill. There are so many times I go back over something I said or did and wonder if that had been the best thing to say or do. I spend a lot of time thinking and beating myself up for something that I can’t really go back and fix (it’s funny how it’s always the bad we go back and re-evaluate again and again).

Similar to Bill, I’m very creative and imaginative. I love to read as well as create stories and adventures in my mind. Two weeks of being able to spend time in my head without interruption would be awesome. No worries of outside distractions, no people bothering me, just time to think, plan, and reflect. The question I have is when are we going to make Introspection mandatory?

Keep up the good work, Jonathan!