I am currently with someone that in the beginning, I was not fair to her, and came off as deceitful. Since committing to her almost a year ago I've have tried my very best to be open, honest and dedicated to trying to ensure her happiness with me as a partner. However, no matter what I have done I am often accused of being a "player" out to be with others when I am working late and my efforts often go unnoticed or forgotten. To further cloud things she is an alcoholic, with all the signs of a narcissistic personality disorder. When I voice my hurt feelings or anger, I am attacked for things in the past that I've honestly made Herculean efforts to make up for to no avail. She has become my "Kobayashi Maru" scenario ( a Star Trek term for a simulated "no win commanders test) I am beginning to realize only I am in charge of my contentment and this relationship is not what I need or want.