Why would a guy keep going after the same women after they break up 7 times in the last 4 years of there on and off relationship. When she say he just bugging her. SHE DOES SEE OTHER GUYS. Is she his back burner, after they cheat on each other, does he have low esteem, a split personally. I believe my friend is using him, she can put a stop to it herself. I believe they are both narcissistic to each other. She should of known he cheated on his ex g/f with her. She doesn't let those things bother her as alone as she with her love. I should be playing there song " break up to make up" is what it's about, there no life together in that. She keeps playing this song BREAK UP WITH HIM when she does see another guy, when he starts calling her, because he is begging for her she told me. To me that is using on another. She don't work. Still has a daughter to take of. I just listen to her anymore and be surprised she back with him.