See, here's the issue - unlike a seeing eye dog for the blind, a police dog or a dog trained to sense an epileptic seizure in their owner, "therapy dogs" are not usually trained. The owner has no obligation to train the dog, and as long as it provides emotional support (which I personally think is a little silly, but whatever), when they bring their dog in the passenger area of a plane and it takes a dump on the airplane or makes a nasty smell, it's a nuisance for everybody else but the owner of the animal can avoid the consequences by claiming they need the animal for (insert mental illness/disorder here). I think it's selfish. I've had PTSD since I was a kid related to the September 11th Attacks, and believe me I have no beef with anyone else who has mental problems. My problem is we never needed "therapy animals" before. We coped just fine without them for the past few millennia. We've endured WWII, Vietnam, the nuclear threat of the mid-to-late 20th Century, and although many people had problems, nobody ever needed a dog to deal with it. The "science" surrounding therapy dogs is spacious and debatable at best. It's not right for some whiny flake to bring an animal aboard a plane where it will defecate and bother other passengers, each of whom probably are dealing with their own problems, not to mention how unfair it is to just expect the airline personnel to clean up dog poop off the floor of a plane. Do you think the staff on that plane are paid to clean up after your pets? Do you think "scooping up dog poop" was included in their employee contract? I don't think so! Some people are terrified of dogs, they've had bad experiences with dogs or they find dogs unsanitary. Should they have to put their own emotions at risk just to appease you if they're frightened of having a dog near them? And for the record, if somebody who genuinely feels they need a therapy dog trains it, bathes it, keeps it away from other passengers and has it in writing that they need the animal, I've got no issue with it. If they're respectful, I think they should have a dog if they truly feel they need to. It's people like you who make society more reluctant to accept therapy animals as a valid form of mental healthcare, so you're only shooting yourself in the foot with the comment that people bothered by untrained dogs on planes should just not fly at all.

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