This article was reportedly about Emotional Support Animals. And yet you conflate Service Dogs and Therapy dogs with ESAs. They are completely different things. Your graph about Service Dogs is very misleading. The ONLY type of dog the state of California provides this "registration" for are Service Dogs. I am surprised you would use this data when it has nothing to do with ESAs. ESAs are any untrained animal used for comfort. They are not covered by the ADA and are not allowed public access. They are covered by the ACAA and FHA. They are only allowed in housing where pets are not allowed and on planes. Therapy dogs help other people and are not covered by the ADA. They are not allowed public access. Service Dogs are covered by the ADA and are task/work trained to mitigate a disability. This is the type of article that does great damage to SD handlers by confusing people as to what a Service Dog,and promotes access denials because people are confused as to who gets public access. Please get your facts straight next time. If the article is about ESAs, make it about ESAs. Don't use Service Dog data. That is very unethical. Also, the law is clear about ESAs. If the person has a disability and could benefit from the comfort of a pet, they should have an ESA. You are not the ESA police. You should only look at this issue from a medical perspective. There is plenty of research on the benefits of pets. Do you restrict medications from patients because they "might" do something illegal with them when you have no evidence of such behavior? If the person misuses the letter, don't give them a second one. They have to be renewed every year. Please provide accurate information next time.

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