Congrats Joey Bit D for being the only person of all the comments in regards to this article for being the biggest dbag.

She says she's happy with you wise meaning it's not huge or big you're average. Those that feel they need to talk about it are self conscience because they know they've got the short end of the stick.

In regards to this article happiness is truly found in sexual partners equal sexual compatibility. When you have 2 high sex drive individuals who both like spontaneous sex and each never say no it's fantastic. Happiness is not a problem when there is compatibility.

On the other spectrum my ex wife pulled the oh we're married we don't need sex more than 1 time every other week. She wasn't into exploration, never wanted to be kinky, had extremely low labido and was boring. The incompatibility of these partners when a low and high libedo are together happiness is no longer present for a high sex drive individual. Actually the fact for example for my ex wife it was pulling teeth to get laid and when I did happen it sucked and was boring she was virtual a can you finish type of person.

This article should focus more on sexual compatibility between differences in labido levels to determine sexual happiness following trying to compromise to make each other happy. High labido will always want more and the lower labido will want less.

However quality vs quantity is irrelevant and pointless the main conversation should be and understand what each partner likes then go from there as a married couple your significant other should want to please you in your way and vis versa.

Fortunately I have a rarity I am lucky to now be in a long term relationship with someone who I truly love and care about and get to enjoy sex as I please anywhere anytime morning day or not long drawn out rip sheets to quick in and out or hey babe I just want to give you head tonight. There is nothing more then I love to just be standing doing something then her come from behind and pull my buddy out and wanting to get it on everywhere in the house. Then after angry arguments or grumpy days a rough angry sex makes things A okay and we move on. Or if I wake up she doesn't want to waste the morning wood and puts it in real quick before she heads off to work at 6 in the morning which I'm totally fine with.

This article is bullshit quality and quantity always go into play and spontaneity and compatibility are the real keys to happiness.

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