I didn't take this article to be about the happiness of a couple in terms of them being happy with the frequency of sex. I took it as their general level of happiness and how it coresponds to the frequency of sex that they're having. And the article showed that artificially increasing the amount of sex didn't increase their general level of happiness in their marriage.
Yes a couple can both be happy with the frequency of sex -- whether that's zero or twice a day. But in my real, middle-aged world, the couples who don't have sex or have sex very infrequently (by mutual agreement, or so they claim), are not as "happy" overall with each other as the couples who are still having frequent sex after decades of marriage. They're the couples who seem detached and have good "working" marriages but who don't seem to find much "joy" in each other. They may say they are "happily married," because they don't argue a lot and don't talk about divorce, but at the end of the day, are they glad to see each other?

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