These are just all aspects of communal dreaming; such as the newspapers, telephone, radio and movies were and more recently addictive multiplayer video games. I seem to remember an "angry birds" fad not too long ago as well.

More importantly we need to ask what is so wrong with society and the environment that causes these modern maladies where a video game is the "cure". I also seem to remember long ago that when the circus came to town it was a very big deal and even autistic brats wanted to go. It is probably just novelty that we are seeing here. It will last until the next "new thing" novelty comes along.

In economics we have the law of diminishing utility. Thus something that one continually dreams about, then finally gets, after a period of time becomes "just another thing". Walk through your house and honestly analyse the history of every significant item. At one stage they were fervently sought after. They will in time be tomorrow's junk. Thus no fad lasts forever.

As mentioned before, anything that relies on hijacking of the reward centers of the brain is quite a concern. Privacy is another big problem. The "smart phone" is a spying agency's biggest wet dream. They continually know where you are and where you will be by being able to "bait" people to certain areas by manipulating the game. This is my biggest concern, but most idiots have no idea what they are giving up for a little bit of titillation. Also, by not being situationally aware of surroundings, bad things can happen. This give more opportunity for crimes against persons as well as accidents. I rarely ever leave the house with a mobile phone. I am able to think properly and thus find great engagement in my own thoughts while not having any extraneous digital distraction.