Brittney, without knowing all the details, I think your feelings are totally normal. Sure, a therapist would probably help (doesn't a therapist always help?). But it might also be helpful to realize that the kind of huge life overhaul you've gone through is traumatic. It would be weird if you DIDN'T feel lonely and lost, at least for a little while. You identified part of the problem—with traveling to see your boyfriend most weekends, or treating him as your only social circle, you haven't fully invested time or effort into making your new city yours or meeting the friends who will help make it feel like home. But it's not too late! I love that you have a couple friends who are there for you. Maybe work on expanding that circle now. And become proactive about falling in love with your town. Visit all the tourist attractions, try the restaurants, join clubs. I have lots of suggestions in my book, "This Is Where You Belong," but you could simply start by making a city bucket list. What could you do here to make yourself a little happier? Putting down roots takes effort. It won't happen overnight. You've lived in your hometown for years and this new place six months; of course it doesn't feel as comfortable or as easy. But I think it probably could soon.

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