I moved to a city 3 hours away from my home town about 7 months ago. I graduated college and couldn't find a job in my hometown and honestly at the moment wanted to leave that city because I wanted a change and was tired of the city as well. There was nothing really ever to do and I found myself complaining about how much I hated it so I left. Now 7 months later I've had the hardest time adjusting. I dated a guy for the first 6 months where on the weekends I was driving back to my hometown to see him or he was driving up to my new city to see me. When I went out it was with him so I never tried to make friends or even take the city in on my own. After we recently broke up I realized I never took in this new city and now I've never felt so alone in my whole entire life. I have no friends or family here however I did just recently make 2 new friends who have been loads of help on bringing me some happiness. I went back home for Thanksgiving and coming back to my new city I again feel depressed, alone and just confused. I don't want to move back to my hometown because even being there didn't feel right and I know I wasn't happy there before but I also don't feel like I'm happy where I am at either. I don't know what to do at this point because I feel like I cant be happy in ANY city at this point. Should I just stick it out? Should I move back to my old city where it's my comfort zone with my family but there's nothing to do with the same old people. Should I get a therapist? I'm honestly so lost and I hope this is normal for people in their early twenties lol.

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