After the death of her husband, a friend of mine decided to move back to Atlanta with her three kids to be near family. She sold her house, bought a new home in Atlanta, and a week after school got out, she went. One week later, she decided she'd made a terrible mistake, sold the new house at a loss, and came straight back home (same neighborhood, different house). Crazy as it seemed at the time, she 100% stands by that reversal as the right thing for her and her kids.

Settling into a community can take time; place attachment doens't peak till you're five years in. Yet that doesn't mean you have to stick it out for that long if you're miserable. Do a gut-check: How does your body and mind respond when you think of staying in the new town? How does it feel when you contemplate staying put? Then consider the practical aspects. A good old-fashioned pro/con list and some math can tell you what the financial, logistic, and relationship consequences might be for moving home. If you feel like you've done as much as you can to find happiness in your new town, and you can't discover any concrete solutions that might improve things, I'm going to give you the thumbs up to call it quits and move back. Life's too short to be miserable.

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