I can feel your fear, Megan! And your reluctance to move suggests that this is being imposed on you, probably by your workplace, right? Feeling out of control ratchets up the anxiety around a move, so a first step toward feeling better might be to make an action plan of simple steps that can help you feel integrated faster. You mentioned the toll of isolation on your mental health, and you're wise to acknowledge that. Who do you know who knows someone in your new town? Ask on Facebook for people to set you up on blind friend dates, or hunt down all the local expats. (There have to be some, right?) One friend can make all the difference. So can purpose. Can you volunteer to teach English? If all else fails, find comfort activities. Find a walking route that gives you a sense of familiarity. Go to the same restaurant over and over again. I share a lot of ideas in my book, This Is Where You Belong, and while I admit that probably some don't cross cultures well, I think the attitude of taking ownership of your new place, despite the fact that you don't really want to be there, will ease the transition at least a little. Good luck!

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