I have the same question you do, Rose. Four months ago I moved about 1600 miles to a large city for a better paying job. I'm almost 60 and divorced, so I came alone. My grown children and grandchildren live in the area I just left.

So far, I'm very lonely and unhappy. The city I moved to is notorious for not being a friendly place for new people and, so far, I've made no friends. At first, I went out and did things and tried to get to know people but had no success. Although I have many friendly acquaintances at work, I've received exactly 0 social invitations. I eat lunch alone at my desk almost every day.

I'm generally considered a nice person and had lots of friends in the city I left, but I'm just not connecting with anyone here. I miss my family and friends terribly. I can't return to my old job, but I've been looking for possible employment back in the state where I left. But I'm afraid I'll look like a flake if I leave my new job this soon. I'd love to hear other people's viewpoints on this.

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