I am a person who embraces change. Always striving to make myself a better person. This causes people around me to latch on like anchors holding me back. I try to take people along for the ride. The journey through life. They seem envious of me and want it handed to them. Never putting in the work that it takes for their own personal growth. They just want me to wave my magic wand and make their lives all better while they just stay stagnant. They have no clue the work I've put into my life. I sometimes feel like they think everything just dropped out of the sky for me. They hear me but refuse to listen. They want me to do it for them and when I do they can't understand why nothing has changed for them. They look for paradoxes that are not there. They refuse to notice the paradoxes that are there. They scream at me. They sabotage me. They bad mouth me when their lives don't get better.

It breaks my heart to remove people from my life. But I do what has to be done.

By the way, I liked your article.

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