experience the totality.

uhm ya sure.

lets see, what is totality first of all?, and how can you experience that when you are in denial about what totality means. Does totality mean only global, or also universal, and perhaps even beyonds?

the new Ghostbusters is an excellent example. The trailer reads like an attack ad against God, if God were in fact as they would like people to believe.

Raising an army of undead, like your dead relatives, all of which are now enemies of the state, if they exist still as spirits. Of course science has proven undisputably that there is no such thing as life beyond the physical dimension. And your dead relatives should have stayed dead. The US military and others will protect you from them now, and the religious are all very happy with that idea. Lest nothing detract from the greatness of MAN.

Independence day is a propaganda film against aliens.

Ghostbusters is propaganda against "spirits".

pathetic what people will do/say in the name of political/religious crusades today.

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