you say you had been an atheist as if it is a bad thing to be. you also say this woman smokes as if it is a good thing to do.
but, in my opinion it is exactly the opposite in both cases.
being an atheist is good, the only logical state of mind regarding 'god', but this woman brainwashed you into religion, while smoking is bad, only losers smoke, and again, this woman brainwashed you into believing that kissing an ashtray is better than kissing a fragrant flower that is my mouth.
david smokes and drinks alcohol too.
love is strange. it makes men stupid.
i am an atheist and an anti-smoker.
no love and no man could make me religious and/or a smoker, because i am a woman. women don't get brainwashed by love. sorry to reveal to you the truth. my son also became almost religious, well at my pressure he stated agnostic, because his wife is deeply and stupidly religious. but he is my son, so i forgive him.
david is also a communist, while i am not at all. but i forgive him too because i love him. so, i as a woman am less stupid than you as a man, i forgive both my son and david, but i am not blind to their stupidity, nor am influenced by them into becoming religious or a communist myself. 'god' forbid!!!

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