this advice may be helpful to those of privilege and to those who have the means of bettering their lives, but it could easily be used as an argument BY privileged people to tell poor people why it is their fault they are poor, when they have no understanding of what it is actually like to be poor and under privileged, downtrodden, starving, with lack of any medical or dental care, ever, no matter how much they work. often even with a college degree. sometimes it doesn't matter how fucking hard you work or what you do, if you're a certain color, or a certain gender, and living in certain areas and stuck there for one reason or another.

it's dangerous thinking to tell people their thinking is the real reason behind why they are having trouble getting things under control, when the real reason is that the minimum wage is 3 to 4 times less than what it needs to be in order for people to afford to live comfortably in most cities in the united states. peoples' thinking is almost always NOT the reason they are poor, and being poor is why they feel like they can't get their life under control in many cases. it's not that they don't want to get off their ass and work harder/find a better job/move /take their animal to the vet, it's that no matter how hard/how long they try or what they do, no boss/business owner will fucking pay them enough to fucking LIVE.

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