Is a struggle for me. My mother was so wrapped up in her own pain she couldn't see the damage she was doing and she didn't care. According to her I "had the life of Riley" since I wasn't being whipped with electrical cords like she was. She was hateful, bitter & mean. She never could forgive her abusers & make life a better place. She didn't know how. My biggest achievement in life is breaking the cycle. Miraculously I got the mother instinct and was taught how to love by my kids. My brother wasn't so lucky. The one she favored and loved is a victimy narcissist just like her. Every day I'm aware of the pain and it's a struggle not to fall into that trap. I just have to remember that it's ok to keep your heart open. It's ok to feel. Have compassion but set healthy boundaries. Forgive her. She did the best she could with what she had. It doesn't make it right but at least the hateful, abusive legacy stops with you.

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