As a victim of abuse over a period of several years, I am so what Dr. Weiss describes.
My experience with talking to a therapist about this was also as Dr. Weiss describes.
His attitude seemed to be that maybe I should just sort of get over it.
Anyhow, I sensed a lack of interest on his part and the experience was far from satisfying.
This just reinforced the idea that as men, we have to just accept that it happened, now it is time to get on with it.
One thing I have gotten over, to some extent anyhow, is that I am less reluctant to talk about it.
I am also aware that it makes a lot of people squeamish, particularly family members, who were not abused, and not aware of the abuse that you experienced.
I do understand that they are not, in most cases, equipped to deal with it either.
I would appreciate any advice on coping, particularly in the area of addiction.

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