I've found it very hard to make adult friends mostly because I'm a one-on-one gal and most females are group creatures. Plus I do not have kids and the life that goes with it and kids and families are what most people are occupied with and form friendships around. I've had to learn to hang out in groups and occasionally I'm lucky enough to find someone interested in going out just us two and having a more substantial conversation. But hope never dies and I keep trying. I'm a bit of an introvert but still, I very much enjoy being around people, in fact am very socially stimulated. Friendships revolve around common interests and I don't share a lot of typical female interests. I used to enjoy the company of men and enjoyed their conversation much more but eventually I felt it wise to learn to make friends with woman. I keep trying all the time but also enjoy my own company. And I never put all my eggs in one basket; I have more than one iron in the fire.

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