My thoughts on bullying:

It starts at home.

Parents, other caregivers and older siblings begin the process. Parents bully their children or allow bullying behaviors to occur in the home.

So by the time a child from a dysfunctional home enters school he or she has been the victim of bullying, or the perpetrator of bullying, or both, for the first years of his or her life and simply continues this behavior in the new (school) environment.

I agree that there needs to be a school program to teach children the difference between emotionally healthy behaviors and emotionally unhealthy behaviors, in age-appropriate ways; subjects like bullying would be Featured prominently.

Schools should have the resources necessary to effectively monitor students' actions while students are on school property or off-campus but in the care of school employees.

So there should be at least one on-campus registered nurse and one psychologist per school, at least one teacher's aid per classroom, and a sufficient number of bathroom, changing room, playground, and hallway monitors (perhaps parent volunteers?) to keep an eye on the students at all times.

Video surveillance throughout the school grounds inside and out should help also.

Increased direct supervision should help reduce incidents of bullying, vandalism, theft, drug use and drug selling, smoking, sexual activity, and other problem behaviors as well.

When I was in elementary school and high school, children with chronic behavioral problems were simply suspended or permanently expelled, and it was the parents' job to find some solution for educating their child, but that doesn't seem to be the case now. What is in place now doesn't seem better to me.

So perhaps having a large "police force" presence on campus as I described (monitors and aides) is the solution.