Hmm. I followed you through your post that we are all prejudiced, although I disagree that prejudice is always a bad thing. It is instinctive for a reason. Self-preservation and preservation of family. Those who are not like me who threaten my living, my hard-earned income, and my safety are not going to get anywhere near me. I have a hard time having always to explain to my nephew who is on the autism spectrum that bunching up other people into groups in your mind and judging the lot of them, stereotyping, is maladaptive. So then you go and completely blow any shred of your credibility by dragging Trump into it. You, of all people, are supposedly neurotypical and educated, but there you are, unabashedly and baselessly judging less educated white males as Trump supporters. There are many different people who support Trump. People who have come from all different backgrounds. People of good will who have different life perspectives than you. Contrary to your own inflated opinion, your political opinion is not right for everyone else. At least you have the courage to have a comment section. Most of the sniveling cowards on here write the most twisted political rants and then don't permit comments. They can dish it out, but, boy, they sure can't take it. If I see the word "Trump" in the article and look to the end to see no comments, I know it is garbage and don't even read it.