Hi Mia,

Knowing you and your amazing qualities, no wonder your friend is jealous!! You are so creative, energetic, a little steam engine, funny and engaging!

But then is she jealous or envious?

Hmmmm. Envy would suggest she wants something you have and feels she doesn't have it, right? And I can understand someone envying your talent. If that's the case, I feel sorry for her, because it would be hard to match you or get what you have.

Jealousy might suggest that she's afraid that you're getting or have someone or something that she wanted. That you're both capable, but she lost. Jealousy is usually attached to a third person or event. Did you ever win someone away from her? or compete where she felt she lost?

And there could be a combination of both, right?

So impressive that you figured it out. How has that changed how you see the situation? Feel about it? her? Yourself?

So happy you found Dr Susan Heitler's blog. You're going to love it, dear Mia. :D

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