This is a good article! It is really helpful to teenagers through 40-somethings. A much bigger issue is the increased anxiety that naturally occurs as a person ages - particularly 50s, 60s-90s. Women, when their hormones shift, experience far more anxiety, which they cannot just "think their way out of" or "go to counseling enough to learn to relax". Many men, as they age and lose abilities and their hormones shift, experience anxiety, particularly when they lose control of things, people, or abilities that they value.

The tips to get rid of anxiety are valid, and can work, but are not a slam-dunk whatsoever for older people who are physically changed by aging, and these physical changes are a huge cause of their anxiousness. It is harder for older people to follow anxiety management tips. They need motivation, time, coaching, and faith that they have some control over it.

Loss of control over things we all take for granted, is a huge producer of anxiety.

(It is no wonder that people medicate with alcohol and other substances!)

Thanks for your articles.

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