I feel like this article is a bit entitled. It talked about how this generation is so "entitled" (like every older generation ALWAYS talks about younger generations), and there is no serious consideration of WHY. Could it be that working your way up is harder now? Getting a good job after just getting a bachelors is WAY more challenging? Teaching at a college it is becoming more and more common to require a PhD where that was note the case before. My father (a boomer) got MULTIPLE job offers right out of school, people were COMPETING to employ him. The world changes, and yes people change in response. My father ended up being EXTREMELY successful. But my guess is he would not have been in that position today. He's smart, but he wouldn't have been driven enough. Does that mean he's lazy? No, he's a hard working man. But he probably didn't believe in himself enough in his 20s. With inflation, a crazy job market, and housing costs being WAY more up there (due to our increasing population), I would really ask people to not judge the millenials. I am at the annex between generation x and millenial, and even I have seen differences in my experience, compared to 10 years ago. I feel for them. This whole "they are lazy" business really gets under my skin. Life is different now. Maybe there are pros and cons to that. But maybe they aren't lazy. Maybe some of them (a minority of course) are defeated.

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