I have *long* felt something wasn't quite right with all the calls to specialize and stick to your strengths. For instance, what if you find that the strengths you're always had no longer serve you? Or you want more than you've already had? And I have always resisted the call to focus only on a small niche, because my heart wants as many skills and capabilities as possible.

What is lacking is any kind of workplace support for these alternatives. Too many decision makers at work act like your strengths are baked into the cake, especially if you're no longer young. More insidiously, there's a whole unspoken theme of "you'd better stay within your niche, stick to your strengths, because you'll be happier and the company is happier too. What? You want more? It's too costly for more. Besides, "more" is special treatment, and we can't have that, because we'll have to give everybody else this too-costly leeway." And you end up feeling selfish for wanting more personal development at work!

I could never see any effective rebuttal to the specialization and strengths memes, because they were delivered with such confident authority, and because I didn't see a way to rebut without coming across as selfish (or unrealistic, or self-unaware).
This column gives me a much-needed feeling of being supported, like I'm not alone or foolish to care about this. Thank you.