What you are doing is demonization. She is not an apoligist for Isis. She is a pacifist. You don't agree with her. Neither do I. However YOU are trying to discredit her by demonizing her and saying that by not endorsin YOUR view, she is the same as a murdering, religous maniac. Uhm. No. If you don't have better arguments than that, you really do need to go back to school and stay awake for the class discussions.

Such people as these are not easily disuaded by diplomacy are arguments based on rational arguments. Most of the time they have leaders who aren't all that religious either who are getting a great deal of monetary gain and Power out of all this destruction and are not going to let go of that until thier dupes are dead. What to do? You have to make Life very uncomfortable for everyone involved, and the sooner you do that, the fewer bystanders over time will get killed, but the more people directly involved will be destroyed. Not an easy choice if you are directly involved. It won't be cheap. It won't be glorious. Plenty of injustices will be committed. Go in with open Eyes.