The claim that the members of ISIS and the likes of it are not Muslim is total hypocritical nonsense. Maybe they are not - not every group that claims to be Muslim or Christian necessarily is but when they are not doing anything that God didn’t supposedly tell the first Muslims to do they are probably Muslim. The same people recognise the violent popes such as Innocent III as Catholics! Nobody says a Catholic who commits adultery or murder is not a Catholic. If a religion has no intrinsic power to prevent violence by spiritual means, that makes the religion potentially dangerous. Hypocritically denying that a religion is ever bad only enables the problem.

And most members of any religion tend to be frequently disobedient to that religion. So it could be unMuslim of Muslims to be peaceful. And the fact remains that they still revere violent scriptures as God’s truth. Their revulsion of evil and bloodshed does not go far enough. And that is where the worry is. That lack is where the terrorists of tomorrow come from.
Notice that the pope said, “To kill in the name of God is a grave sacrilege. To discriminate in the name of God is inhuman”. Now it is violent in spirit to accuse people of gravely insulting a God who might not be there at all or who might not care. What about innocent until proven guilty? And it is only few terrorists in a terrorist organisation that can really be called inhuman. Many evil people are still very human. The pope wants to rob them of their humanity and dehumanise them.
The pope is lying because he stands by the Catholic teaching that the Bible is God’s infallible world 100% and he knows that God directed Moses and God’s people to become terrorists where the people of Canaan were concerned. Jesus would have known all that and yet he reinforced the teaching of the Bible as infallible and based himself and his claims and his doctrines on it. Before Jesus allegedly did away with the brutal Jewish law did he stone people to death? Who knows?
The pope endorses the just war theory but any honest person knows that if it is applied nobody really knows for sure if the war was really just. You take a chance. It is okay as a theory but is not very helpful on the practical level. He will not care that from ISIS’s perspective, what they are doing is a just war blessed by God.

If you say God gave a book of commands and you are going to live by the nice commands and not the nasty ones then you are a hypocrite. You will not be convincing anybody who is inclined to kill for God.

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