I have read many articles and studies about how men and women communicate. I understand a lot about relationships as well. This is the poorer of the ones I've come across. This article makes men look sexist.
The one woman in particular is hyper sensitive, and no, not sensitive as being an overly dramatic person. It sounds like she takes things more to heart and feels problems and emotions a lot deeper than other people. (and being sensitive isn't a bad thing either, its a strength.)
A woman wants a man's unprovided attention. Meaning all the focus on her, WHEN she needs him to LISTEN. Trust me if she wants the problem fixed, she'll talk it out herself and resolve it All men have to do is listen attentively, and focus on her feelings and empathizing with her, you will not have any issues.
The moment she notices that you are ignoring her, not empathizing, or just trying to rush her through it. She will feel under appreciated, and that is what causes issues in a relationship, when you stop respecting one another.

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