I have a solution for women, it's time we learn problem-solving skills too. Next time don't nagg, complain, or bully.
Instead, burn his clothes instead of nagging him to pick up after himself. You tell him once, and I mean only once to pick up after himself, if he does not do it, don't nagg, instead burn his clothes. It works, trust me.

Second, you don't complain about him not doing something you reasonably asked and he either purposely ignored or forgot. Instead, you tell him when he wants sex NO. If he starts to complain, you tell him to stop complaining about it because you've already said No. If he won't stop, then the next time you have sex, piss on him, do it right as he is going down on you, or while you are on top of him. I don't mean squirt on him, I mean piss, as in the yellow stuff.

Thirdly, if he refuses to wash dishes, don't bully him into it, instead throw the dishes away right in the damn garbage. Refuse to cook for him, make enough only for yourself and your children. You will see an immediate change in his attitude.

Dog training technics really work on men. Only dogs are not as sensitive and are much more reasonable to have around as companions.

Gone are the days when men forced us to be their maids, sex toys, and took our children from us while they went out to entertain themselves, cheat, and sold off our offspring to build their own alliances.

If he still does not comply, you have the law on your side. Take his ugly arse to the cleaners, divorce him. Don't feel bad, men have done this to women for thousands of years, enacting laws that allowed wife beatings for not obeying his every whim. It's about time the tables have turned.

If men were really problem solvers, they would admit to being wrong for forgetting their partner's Birthday, they would sincerely apologize, and they would immediately make plans to make it up to her. That is what real problem solving is. Men are just weak egotistical pigs. They take everything from a woman and give nothing back but burdens. History doesn't lie.

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