"Marty is being attacked by the usual butt-hurt c--ts that cry every time an article does cater to their man-hate.

F-ck'em if they don't like it."

I have yet to see an animal more sensitive than a man! They need you to praise them for everything, even picking up their own underwater off the floor. Women do housework all of the time and the husband or partner takes it for granted, yet when he does dishes, he needs to be acknowledged, praised, and rewarded. Most relationship advice out there tells a woman to never give her partner advice, offer a solution, or try to fix things when her man is venting, to just listen to him as a means of support, yet when women just need to vent and release their emotions, men jump too quickly to a solution before even knowing what the problem was. If a man gives his partner a command and she does not follow his orders, he sees it as disrespect, yet a most often a husband will ignore his wife's instruction on purpose, almost as a power game, and she is then labeled as controlling. The double standards are surreal.

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