Anyone lambasting you and raking you over the coals will shut you down...just like being explained to or having an observation/point you just made repeated, which many women can empathize with.

This article feels highly anecdotal and particularly sullen, onto the archetypal Fish Monger's Wife scenario of the stoic man suffering the nagging wife, but with the exception that the woman is not simply haranguing him instead couching her ire in jargon for emotional and mental processing. Honestly, I'm not really interested in touching most of the article, because it reads like what it is, an opinion piece, but I do have two questions:

A) When you thought on the entire premise of the subject, that is how men disengage from a conversation for the purpose of self-care (essentially), what work were you drawing from? Was it purely anecdotal from people you knew? The bias of a peer group and your own experiences may be particularly felt in such an article.

B) You mention Dr. Tannen's study, but do not link it, while positing a notion that "men resist talking unless a constructive outcome is likely", what portion of the study are you drawing from? Is it the notion of Rapport versus Report? Do you find the idea of cooperative discussion inferior to individual information acquisition? Where does this fall in an intimate relationship when a man is verbally discussing problems or frustrations and a woman is offering an empathetic ear?

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