First, I agree with the comment below. First thing I thought after reading the article was that it had to be written by a male. Women do talk more than men, so what? Please add Barbara and Alan Please' s research to your list. And not all men are driven just by sex. Some are just annoyingly mute most of the time. No sex, no conversations. Women enjoy good sex too, and we do think about it too.
Your comment about men only choosing to speak if there is a productive outcome leaves women portrayed as just losers.
Definitely didn't like your approach to this topic.

Agree with comment below

Anonymous wrote:

I agree -- all the examples cited in the article made the woman appear as a controlling, whiny bitch.

In all the examples quoted, depending on how you spin it, you could either feel empathy for the man, because he had his head bitten off, or you could feel empathy for the woman, because she was with a man who prioritised a football game over meeting grandma.

It all depends on how you spin it.

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