Sure men hate those "we need to talk" conversations, but in general I think the problem has more to do with what radio engineers call a poor signal-to-noise ratio. A clear transmission has a high proportion of usable signal compared to little noise, which is a worthless. Many women just like to hear themselves talk and use way too many words to get a point across. This is fine at certain times, like a dinner out or walk, but they don't know when to keep it concise.

Another issue that comes into play is "external processing." My wife will run through 12 scenarios about an upcoming party with multiple dates, locations and people. Then she gets mad later when I ask here when it is: "I TOLD you it was the 12th at 8:30 at Suzy's house!" After 15 minutes of blabbering and waffling I just am not paying attention when the final decision is made and the decry is levied.

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