Women should ask things of men the right way.

Firstly you don't always get what you want.

Decide on an acceptable outcome and get on with it.

Don't nag a man to death.

Use your so-called female intuition is a persuasive manner.

The more a man perceives nagging, the lower his interest in you.

Don't build up your anger and vent everything at once.

It make you look silly and unstable.

It may make you feel good but it causes lasting damage and
long term resentment.

You and your girlfriends may be able to solve the worlds
problems between yourselves but you have to face the
music at home without them.

Talk it out with him.

And ladies, please keep the shrill and loudness of your voice under control.

Men go deaf when women go whiny.

There is a difference between talking and communication.

Nothing more fearsome than a scornful woman shouting
hysterically in a public place.

I am sure this advice won't solve anything.

Because women need to scream at a man every now and
then. Nothing personal.

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