over spending quality time with you, don't take it personally. Remember the child is a victim to their dopaminergic surges and deep down still really loves you like they did when they were 3. Do not try to distract them from their games because this might cause a temper tantrum and then you will be forced either to embarrass them or get embarrassed, which is the worst possible thing that can happen to people in this day and age. And most of all don't discipline them because this can damage their fragile self esteem. Actually they are playing their games because they want to make you proud of how good they are so just let them be and if they start getting depressed you can always send them to a professional who will explain that their games addiction is a disease and put them on mind warping antipsychotics that make them gain weight and damage their brains and bodies for the rest of their lives. But it's worth it, because otherwise they will surely die and then you'll be all alone because there will be no one left to love you.