You are here denying other people's experiences and advocating an industry that thrives on human degradation, spins the wheels of pedophilia, affairs and human trafficking, and is destroying lives and marriages with unprecedented force.

Not at all. As I said very clearly, if your spouse does not approve, then porn is cheating.
As for your generalization about porn, completely wrong. It is a broad industry and cannot be summed up in a single color of light. As with any other huge industry, there are crooks and abused people. But there are also better examples of porn producers, such as Candida Royal, who pioneered porn for women by women. And Nina Hartley, who chose to be a porn actress in spite of being a certified registered nurse. Google, "ethical porn", and "feminist porn", where people have made deliberate attempts and SUCCESSFUL attempts to NOT be what you claim all of porn to be.
And no, it does NOT destroy marriages in ALL cases. It has varied effects on people, just like sex itself. If you voluntarily have it with your spouse (either sex or porn), then it's fine. If you have it without your spouse or someone else (porn or sex) then it can be cheating.
So no, "every click" does not always feast on "broken lives".

And as for my real relationships, I'm doing fine, because I have a realistic attitude. Wife and I both occasionally view porn with no problems. It has not destroyed our lives or our marriages. Quite the contrary in our case. Though I recognize it has had other effects on other people.

And no, the effects of "your brain on porn" does not apply equally to all. I find it barely interesting enough to keep me for no more than a few minutes in a week, if that, and the real thing much more interesting.

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