Actually I do.. sorry to steal your momentary sunshine. Porn murders love in all ways, whether or not the participants (including the viewer) are consenting or attached at the time. Just google "your brain on porn" and read for yourself.

Why are you even here? You're obviously not a loyal spouse who was betrayed sexually, but here you are speaking as an authority on the subject.

You are here denying other people's experiences and advocating an industry that thrives on human degradation, spins the wheels of pedophilia, affairs and human trafficking, and is destroying lives and marriages with unprecedented force.
Every click on porn supports this industry that feasts on broken lives, and quite frankly you reek of the psychological and emotional sewage it gives birth to.

Oh and you can have the last word, I've made my point and need to get back to work. Good luck in real relationships.. You'll need it.. and so will they.

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