My Name, you do realize the completely sexist narrow minded view you have shared? My wife of nearly 20 years had multiple affairs and for the sake of our son and our young family I tried to forgive and let the first affair go. When the manipulative cheating partner shows no remorse and the complete inability to work on their horrendous selfish toxic destructive behaviour, there is no chance of moving forward. Sadly due to my upbringing I thought this could be gotten past. Of course that was not a reality when dealing with such a self destructive soul sapping person. Another child changed nothing. It was only after finding yet another affair was taking place did things finally fall apart. Of course the blame was thrown at me for a lifetime of her selfish poor destructive choices. We had a healthy sex life (STD's a constant fear) so it was not for lack of attention or affection.
This behaviour is not inherently male or female so throwing out sexist terminology in regards to this discussion only muddies the waters and diminishes the true devastation felt by those of us who have had their life, family, emotional well being and sense of self completely stripped away from them. Not to mention the inability to ever trust or allow yourself to be open to the type of care and emotion that can and will lead to the depression and desire to stop the pain by any means necessary.
Sorry for the rant.

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