I'm not anti-technology. It has allowed us to do some amazing
things in this day and age and it's made some things a lot easier and more convenient. But... I strongly believe the more
technology advances, the more disconnected we become.

There has been so much advancement in technology and social media that people have started treating others as if they're
disposable and easily replaced. Since there's such a wide variety of people available to reach out to at any given time, it's like there's no value in personal connection anymore. It's like the article said, even after 1 or 2 dates, the person is still considered to just be a profile instead of an actual person with thoughts
and feelings. People have become so caught up with being superificial that courtesy isn't common anymore. As someone who both been ghosted and has ghosted on people, I can definitely say it is the norm of our society these days and it's unfortunate. When I was in my 20's, people weren't living their entire
lives on social media. We'd actually talk to each other on the phone, get together and go out to do things. Connection was so much easier back then. Now, everyone is obsessed with what their iphones can do and all the apps that take away the need for human interaction. I don't see society heading in a positive direction if things continue to progress this way.

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