Unfortunately, for many people "gender-equality" and "female advantage" are interchangeable. The only problem is when men have an advantage. If things are equal, they're okay. If things are tilted in favor of women, they're okay. It's only when its unfavorable to them that they complain.

Which makes the label "gender equality" hypocritical at best. They don't care about equality. They care about being on top.

When injustices affect men, I don't see "gender equality" proponents defending men. Not that men need to be defended, mind you, but as Dr. King put it: "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere."

We're taking a very kindergarten approach to gender relations (eye for an eye seems to be "fair" to feminists when it comes to making men "pay" for the transgressions of their fathers) and this is most certainly not going to end well.

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