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I cannot believe that as a better educated society we would plunge back into the depths of ignorance...

"But weren’t under-education, underemployment, and relegation to the home among the major motivators for the modern women’s movement?"
As an HR professional (very proud mother of 2 boys) working in the non-profit sector, my choice...grateful to have work. I get the feeling this woman is simply working on making a name for herself...you have already stated that she is getting media attention, she too deserves to earn a living-and she has succeeded in stirring up emotions...I would guess this too is her motivation-nothing wrong with getting people to talk & think.
Policy is what shapes societies, all man/woman made...real people know what matters most and I believe will determine their own paths, design of life, my opinion: peace, harmony, love, creativity, growth will always pervail. I think most people work so that they can live (choosing your vocation and liking what you do adds a dimension to your life) not live to work.

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