Principled parents raise their children with a values code and the knowledge that adulthood liberates them to believe, speak and act as they will. The empowered adult's conscience ultimately dictates whether to accept remorse, apologize or make amends, to what degree and for how long. This individual listens to, and from their own moral compass determines to reject or heed reproof only from sources they perceive as having integrity. Those with healthy self-esteem don't allow majority culture to shame, shut them up, or manipulate their mentality and behavior. Belonging to the trending group is neither important or synonymous with moral correctness. The greater intolerance lies with those who name-call and try to suppress the free flow of ideas because they cannot abide anyone who disagrees with or acts contrary to their values. A number, officials even, actually say "shame on you!", and to support their opinion trot out someone's personal sob story. This is a manipulative bullying tactic. People who really want the best for all leave out the drama and present an intelligent analytical argument as to why their view would most benefit society.