I am not sure that I can buy this argument that condoms don't impair sensitivity. First, I would seriously question the study methodology. There was some confusion between the issue of sensitivity and pleasure. Yes, one can get pleasure wearing a condom but that doesn't mean that is isn't reducing the sensitivity. At the same time, this study has a tremendous observer bias. I am willing to bet that a fair number of respondents are afraid to give a less than politically correct answer, especially if they are younger.

Second, the better way to look at this question is at men's behavior. Men do not wear condoms to masturbate. In some ways, it would be easier because you wouldn't have to deal with the ejaculate. And if it were the same sensitivity then men would use a condom to ejaculate. Also, in committed relationships where men don't have to use condoms because of STDs or fear of pregnancy, you rarely find men that choose to use condoms. Yet if the condom make a man just as sensitive, they would be indifferent to them.

It would be interesting to see a survey of men asking them whether they would prefer to use a condom if there was absolutely no fear of pregnancy or disease and their partner was OK with them not using a condom. My guess is that almost all men would say that they would prefer not to use the condom, in a perfect world.

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