well for my first i asked a very experienced friend of mine to kiss me and he felt honored lol. we went in a park and we chatted for a bit and then he leaned in and kissed me it felt veryyyy wet very weird and very strange. i didnt know what i was doing since he was doing most of the work lol. it felt very awkward at first because i kept wondering if anyone would see us . after some time it started feeling better and better and then im like this feels really really good. we continued for a bit and it kept feeling better and better. it reached moment where i said omg i didnt want to stop it felt addicting in a way at this point he looked into my eyes and said hes getting a bit too turned on for just a "friendly kiss" but then he continued anyway lol. then his phone rang and he answered and that spoil the entire mood. after he took his call he kissed me again but it never reached back that omg point urgh that call was quite a spoiler . but still after everything i felt very light headed but in a cloud nine way i was walking but i felt like i was floating haha for the whole evening i was clumsy i wasnt myself because i was still "high" my lips looked extra glowing my teeth looked extra white and glossy he and me thought about that kiss for about 2 weeks . i always ask him how i was and he told me for my first time for a guy of so much experience has he has it was an amazing kiss that he would never forget lol also it kinda brought us closer but in general for anyone who haven't gotten their first kiss yet it would be wetter than expected and at times a bit awkward but from the second time and many other times after that it gets better and better believe me :)