You cannot ask. You cannot demand paperwork. You cannot assume. basically anyone can claim their dog a "service dog" and not be questioned for fear of a lwsuit, or being terrorized by the PC police as being "hateful" and insensitive.

So...why have the rules? Just let anyone bring their dog anywhere. No documentation. No paperwork. No anything. How dare someone like me dare "ask" someone to their dog to be quiet during a movie! How rude of me to expect that a dog sitting on someone's lap in a restaurant, being fed off the plate is a service dog for "life and death" matters ins't that. Who am I to be "upset" at when I am in Whole Foods, Save Mart or any other place like this and "service dogs" are sniffing produce, not on a leash and riding in a shopping cart?

These are glorified pets. Not service animals. In California were now calling them "human companions" which will open the door to public benefits.

They are animals. Dogs. Some have legitimate reasons for legitimate challenges to serve and help people. Most don't. It's a sorry state of what has become of us as a culture and people.

Where do my rights to enjoy a movie that I paid for is ruined because a dog won't stop barking? Or on a plane?

This is not clear, and the rules are: Don't you dare ask any questions as a business owner, a patron, customer, or resident in a building.

The fakers know this, and we now live in a world of a trillion 'made up' disabilities and challenges.

I get seeing eye dogs. I understand a police dog, or dog specifically trained, and certified for its task.....problem is, these folks don't make a stink about how disabled they are. The fakers do.

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